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Sight Words + Board Bundle


This Amazing Sight Word + Board bundle includes: 2 x Sight Word sets (100+200 or 200+300) plus a Sight Board, a Sentence Board and 16 extra blank discs.

Choose 2 sight word sets for your bundle:

    • 100 + 200 Word Sets OR 200 + 300 Word Sets
      • 1 x Sight Board
      • 1 x Sentence Board
        • Each set includes 8 blank discs for you to add individual words of your choice (16 are included in this bundle) 

        Sight Words

        Our sight and high frequency words are created in Australian and New Zealand Foundation Fonts.

        • Each pack consists of 100 word discs. 
        • Each disc is created from laser etched pine, each disc is 4cm in diameter. 

        Sight words are ones that cannot be easily sounded out and need to be recognised on sight. High frequency words are ones that occur very often in reading and writing.

        Both sight words and high frequency words need to be recognised quickly for reading and writing to become fluent. Knowing 100 of these frequently used words gives a beginning reader about half of the words they need for reading.

        Sight and Sentence Boards

        Our Sight and Sentence Boards are a great activity to use with your sight words, your children will have so much fun saying, making and writing the words that appear most frequently in their schoolwork and in the world around them. 

        Our Sentence Boards are A5 in size - perfect for little hands, they are laser etched and each is finished with a chalkboard at the bottom.

        Children can simply place their chosen Sight Words at the top of the board and can practice writing the words using our authentic Chalkboard at the bottom! Use with either a stick of chalk - sharpen with a pencil sharpener, or a chalk pen (we buy ours at Office Works).

        Our timber is a natural product which makes no two discs the same - etching depth and darkness will vary between discs, this is not considered a product fault.

        Age: 3 yrs+ please use our sight words under adult supervision at all times.