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Sight Board

Our Sight Boards are a great activity to use with your sight words, your children will have so much fun saying, making and writing the words that appear most frequently in their schoolwork and in the world around them. 

Our Sight Boards are A5 in size - perfect for little hands, they are laser etched and each is finished with a chalkboard at the bottom.

Children can simply place their chosen Sight Word at the top of the board and Say it, then comes the fun part when they Make it - children can make the words using almost anything! Playdoh, rice, pasta, lego, counting blocks, toothpicks - the list is endless and having FUN is the purpose! Learning through play is the best way to learn. Finally they can Write it using our authentic Chalkboard at the bottom! Use with either a stick of chalk or a chalk pen (we buy ours at Office Works).

Sight words are ones that cannot be easily sounded out and need to be recognised on sight. High frequency words are ones that occur very often in reading and writing.

    ** Not intended for children under 3 years, please use our sight words under adult supervision at all times. 

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