Phonics Kit 3 - The Advanced Code

Giving kids the confidence and support to learn phonics at their own pace!

English can be a tricky language to learn. With 26 letters and 44 phonics speech sounds - we must gradually build our ability to ‘sound it out’ before we can spell and write with confidence. While this process takes longer for some, every child deserves the chance to become a confident communicator in a way that feels accessible and appropriate for them.

Our new Phonics Kits have been designed to support your child or student to learn phonics at their own pace, in collaboration with a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist.

By making phonics fun and providing a tactile, hands-on multisensory experience, these resources help lay the groundwork for helping kids learn to read, interpret, and write words in school, home or therapeutic environments.

Beautifully made by Milestones & Mayhem on the South Coast of NSW using responsibly-sourced materials, there are three Phonics Kits available (Basic, Complex and Advanced). Each Kit has been designed to support your child or student to advance through reading levels on their way to becoming confident communicators.

What is included in this Kit?

‘Kit 3 - The Advanced Code’ contains lessons for spellers who have already mastered digraphs, split digraphs, long vowel combinations, controlled r and suffixes er, ed and ing (previously taught in Kit 2)

Kit 3 includes:

  • 1 x set of clear acrylic letter tiles complete with etched lettering and packaged in our Milestones & Mayhem drawstring calico bag for easy storage. Kit 3, will allow your child/student to extend their phonetic knowledge by learning less common sound and letter combinations, including trigraphs and quadraphs. Blank letter tiles in each size included. 
  • 1 x set of instructions on how to use the Kit, created in collaboration with a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist
  • Video tutorial instructions for the correct pronunciation of sounds

This kit is intended to be used with the resources previously purchased in Phonics Kit 1 and Phonics Kit 2. Both the tile board and acrylic letter tiles are easy to sanitise and wipe down using warm soapy water or alcohol wipes.

Who are our Phonics Kits appropriate for?

At Milestones & Mayhem, we pride ourselves on inclusivity and making learning fun. As the mum of a child diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, our Founder Sarah is passionate about creating high-quality and engaging resources for kids of all ages and abilities.

While our Phonics Kits have been designed for anyone learning phonics, they are best suited for ages 5+

These resources have also been designed with you in mind - the parents, carers, early childhood educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and primary school teachers. We know the hard work you do, which is why these resources complement the Early Years Learning Framework, and provide high-quality and evidence-based tools to make your job a little more fun and a whole lot easier.

When you buy a Phonics Kit from Milestones & Mayhem, you can be confident that they are:

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Created from FSC Certified and responsibly-sourced materials
  • Safe and easy to sanitise
  • Appropriate for kids of all ages and abilities
  • Created in collaboration with a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist
  • Complementary to the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Appropriate for school, home and therapeutic environments

Help them learn phonics at their own pace
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Purchase Kit 3 - The Advanced Code ($49.95)
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For extra tips and tricks to make phonics fun, join our supportive community of parents, teachers and specialists helping kids of all ages and abilities to become confident communicators! 

This is an original concept and design by Milestones + Mayhem©, manufactured by us in Gunning New South Wales. Unauthorised reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited.