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Personalised Tracing Board


One of the first words children usually learn to write is their name.

Name writing increases children’s conceptual and procedural knowledge. Names are meaningful to children, and preschoolers typically are interested in learning to write the letters in their name. Name writing proficiency provides a foundation for other literacy knowledge and skills; it is associated with alphabet knowledge, letter writing, print concepts, and spelling.

Did you know? Technology and screentime is having an impact on children's handwriting ability? Our Acrylic Tracing Boards will help to engage and support your child as they practice this crucial skill.

Our Personalised Tracing Boards are designed to assist children to learn correct letter formation, promote early literacy and creative writing opportunities, encourage speech and develop fine motor skills. Each Tracing Board is made from high quality 3mm Acrylic, finished with rounded corners for safety. Etching is on the reverse side allowing for a smooth surface for writing practice. Our Personalised Writing Board is created in the Foundation Font for each Australian (and NZ) State, simply choose your font from the options above.

Size: A4

Care Instructions: 

  • Easy clean up - simply rinse under water and wipe with a microfiber cloth, do not use abrasive cloths or chemicals.
  • Please ensure child is writing on the smooth side, the etching on the reverse side will stain if written on.
  • We are using neon chalk pens here, and Kitpas Crayons (and watercolour pen) - you can purchase both HERE, you can also use whiteboard markers.

    Created right here in our Australian studio, by Milestones and Mayhem Ⓒ