Cake Toppers

Rustic Timber
Gold Mirror Acrylic
Silver Mirror Acrylic
Gloss Black
Gloss White
Rose Gold | Clear Spikes
Clear Acrylic

Our Cake Toppers are perfect for a baby shower or celebration cake on the arrival of your new baby, age birthday & as a personalised name topper.

This listing:

Oh Baby, Wild One, Childs First Name, and ages 1-5 written as a script word, please contact us if you would custom design changes, or check out our other Topper designs.

Choose from: Rustic timber, Gold Mirror Acrylic, Silver Mirror Acrylic, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Rose Gold with Clear spikes, Clear Topper (these are amazing!) - custom colour available by request.

Timber Toppers are lasercut from raw 3mm plywood timber, timber grain may vary, and 3mm Acrylic for our Acrylic Toppers.

Cake Makers - Wholesale is available please contact us to arrange an account.


Height: 24cm

Width: 15cm

Stems: 8cm H 4.5cm apart