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Number Discs 1-100

Helping your children with early number recognition.

This Numbers set is for 1-100 with basic symbols

Mathematics (maths) is an important part of learning for all children in the early years and receiving a good grounding in maths is an essential life skill. As well as numeracy, it helps skills such as problem solving, understanding and using shapes, measurements and developing a child's own spatial awareness.

These activities also promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

Talk about how many objects appear in small groups everywhere around you. It's a sure way to put children on the path to math literacy, because it not only teaches them about numbers, but also ignites a mathematical way of thinking that will allow them to continue to teach themselves.

Use our timber number discs along with other natural objects in your home, for example use some spiral pasta to illustrate a quantity of 5 and place them next to the number 5, you can use some smarties to make it even more fun.

With our 1-100 number discs you can assist your child with basic maths problems such as addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

Recommended for children 4+

Our timber is a natural product which makes no two discs the same - etching depth and darkness will vary between discs, this is not considered a product fault.

Designed & manufactured by Milestones + Mayhem in Australia from sustainably sourced timber