Let’s Talk / a communication prompt

Wood Colour
Pine Ply
Australian Blackwood
Token Colour
Rose Gold Button
Silver Button
Gold Button

As a parent of an anxious child this product is close to our hearts ❤️.

Often we get bogged down in the practical side of schooling - sorting out the bags, shoes, lunch boxes and labels, all the extracurricular activities to keep track of - but have you thought about how you will support your little ones emotionally?
These communication prompts are so beneficial for helping your child connect with you and navigating difficult conversations ❤️

For the child, it provides a way for them to reach out and tell you that they need help, without having to find the right words.

For the parent, it reminds us to stop what we are doing and listen with our whole hearts, because sometimes their problems may seem small to us, but to them, they are so big they can't find the right words.

The card has a removable token intended for your child to keep in a safe place such as by their bed, or on the window-sill, to be used by simply handing to you when they are finding it difficult to talk.

For that extra special touch personalise your Let's Talk prompt with your child's name and from Mum or Dad.

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