Learn with me Plaque + Disc set


Montessori Learning at its best - Learn through Play.

Learn with me - help me grow.

Our Learn with me system features a 30cm etched pine plaque with 6 learning disc sets included. Our focus is on fun, social & emotional development, fine motor skills, thinking abilities, communication, language & early literacy.

Each disc set features 7 designs - 1 for each day of the week!

Learn With Me Concept:

• Days of the week - have your child place today's day in the middle of the plaque, place remaining discs in a clockwise direction around the plaque to show the sequence of the following days. Each day prompts a conversation with your child about the day & the activities that you do each day. Today is Monday - swimming today! (Teaching outcomes: conversation & speech development, time awareness, yesterday, today, tomorrow, early introduction of the 7 days in the week, visually identify the days of the week) Created in the Australian School Foundation Font. 

• Weather - A great way to teach early learners about the climate we live in - toddlers & preschoolers are keen observers of their environment! Have your child hold our discs up to the sky & decide which one fits the weather today, place the disc in the middle of the plaque, as the weather changes throughout the day have your child choose a new disc to reflect the change (Teaching outcomes: conversation & speech development, early awareness of their surroundings & climate, using their senses ie: 'touch' - feeling the raindrops & the warmth of the sun.
'Sight' - seeing a rainbow, the brightness of the sun or the flash of lightning.
'Hear' - hearing the loud rumble of thunder.

• Shapes - place a shape of the day in the centre of the plaque, what shape is it? Encourage your little learner to find different representations of that shape today ie: a circle can be found in the wheel of a car, a ball, a biscuit, or the sun. Place a new shape into the centre each day & watch as your child seeks out these shapes in everyday life. (Teaching outcomes: recognition of shapes in different forms, conversation & speech development, early abstract thinking)

• Colours - choose a colour for the day & place it into the centre of the plaque. Talk about the colour, is it bright? Is it dark? What can we find that matches this colour? We have included the seven colours of the rainbow here, encourage your child to find these colours in their environment.
(Teaching outcomes: colour awareness, conversation & speech development, early abstract thinking, early awareness of environment)

• Facial Expressions - have your child choose a facial expression & place it in the centre of the plaque. (I hope they chose the happy face!) talk about the expression & what it means. This is a great tool for helping children to understand their emotions & start to have an awareness of others' emotions. (Teaching outcomes: helps children to begin to develop an early understanding of emotions, conversation & speech development)

• Australian Animals - Australia is home to so many unique animals, among Australia's best known wild animals are thekangaroo,koala, frill necked lizard, cockatoo,platypus, kookaburra and wombat. Learn about a new animal each day of the week using our LWM plaque. 

Our discs feature etched & lasercut designs each backed with Velcro for children to place on & off the plaque with ease.

We hope you enjoy our Learn with me system as much as we enjoyed designing this for our little learners!

Additional Information:

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