About Us

Welcome to Milestones + Mayhem

Milestones and Mayhem provide a range of modern, high quality educational resources designed by us that support The Early Years Learning Framework. 

Our purpose is to support your child's learning - at school and at home.

We have partnered with leading therapy professionals, educators and parents to  to expand our knowledge and continue to develop educational resources that support learning outcomes for children engaging in education within the school and home-learning environment.

Our core beliefs behind our resources are:

  • Helping children become effective communicators
  • Building confident & involved learners 
  • Connecting parent & child with education
  • Learning foundations & building blocks
  • Nurturing the child's educational journey
  • Engaged learning experiences

It’s a privilege to help support your child's educational journey and we feel like each and every one of you have become our extended family here at Milestones & Mayhem.

We love to design, create and discover - it’s our thing. You, the customer and your expectations are always our main focus. If there is something you'd like to have developed specifically for your classroom needs, we also cater to custom made orders.

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Milestones & Mayhem